Rev Band Bench Week 5

Rev Band Bench(double blue, ~300/136.1 bottom/ ~50/22.7 top): 5@365/165.6, 5@405/183.7, 2×5@455/206.4
Standing One Arm DB Shoulder Press: 2×12@25/11.3, 2×12@33/15, 2×12@43/19.5(12 reps per side)
Face Pulls: 10@110/49.9, 10@130/59 10@140/63.5
Internal and External Rotations

Well the rev band bench was a way for me to hold and lock out heavy weight while leaving very little on my chest. Although even with as light as it should have been on my chest I could still feel it in my left shoulder the whole time.
I really liked the standing one arm db shoulder presses, I’m going to do them for a while. They really showed up a huge flexibility difference in my left and right side that could be a symptom of the problem.