Sheiko Day -3

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 2×20
Hypers: 2×15
Glute Med Activation: 2×15
Figure 8s: 3 minutes

Deadlift: 3@319.7/145, 3@385.8/175, 2×3@447.5/203, 2×3@485/220, 4×2@507.1/230
Bench + double minis: 5@220.5/100, 5@264.6/120, 2×3@308.6/140, 2×2@330.7/150

I’m going to start this sheiko program next week so I decided to do a couple days this week to get used to some of the volume and weights used. The deadlift especially will take some getting used to since I haven’t had more than 210 in my hands since spring until today.