Speed and Shirt Week 4

Speed Bench: 9×3@225/102.1 + blue bands
Shirted(metal presser, 58/56): 3@415/188.2, 0@425/192.8
Rotator Cuffs
Shoulder Rehab

Ugh…again with the shoulder problems. My right shoulder was hurting after the first set of shirt work but i went on and on the way down with the first rep at 425 it just gave out and I basically dropped the weight onto myself. Who knows, nerve impingement?

3 thoughts on “Speed and Shirt Week 4

  1. Stinn – That sucks. Maybe time to take a break on the bench and get it fixed…well at least after this meet?

  2. I’m more of a fix on the fly kind of guy, plus I dont really know what would fix it. It’s kind of trial by fire.

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