Speed Bench Week 5

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 3×20 w/ doubled purple
External Rotations: 3×15 w/ mini band
Face Pulls: 3×15 w/ mini band
Front Raises: 3×15 w/ mini band
Tricep Pushdowns: 3×15 w/ choked purple band

Speed Bench: 9×3@230/104.3 + blue bands(~121.3/55), 3 different grips
3 Board Bench: 3@365/165.6, 2×3@375/170.1, 3@385/174.6, 3@395/179.2, 3@405/183.7
Ascending Boards: 5 reps to chest, 1 board, 2 board, 3 reps to 3 board @ 235/106.6
Standing Shoulder Press: 6@88.2/40, 3×6@110.2/50(pain in left shoulder so went really light)
Front/Side Raises: 2×10/10 w/ mini band, 1×20/20 w/ mini band
Pull Aparts: 2×10, 1×20 w/ choked purple band

Good workout, I underestimated the ascending board bench, I think I’d have to do these at least 30/13.6 lighter. The 3 board stuff was a little hard after the speed, the blue bands might be a bit much, leaving me a little fried after.