Speed Bench Week 6

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 3×25 w/ doubled purple
External Rotations: 3×15 w/ mini band
Pull Aparts: 3×15 w/ choked monster mini band
Front Raises: 3×15 w/ mini band
Tricep Pushdowns: 3×15 w/ doubled purple

Speed Bench: 9×3@240/108.9 + blue bands, three different grips
Competition Width Grip Bench: 3@275/124.7, 3@295/133.8, 3@315/142.9, 3@325/147.4, 3@335/152, 2×3@345/156.5
Close Grip Incline: 6@185/83.9, 6@205/93, 6@220/99.8, 6@230/104.3, 6@240/108.9
Standing Abs: 3×30 w/ doubled purple + doubled mini

Good workout, the competition width grip bench was pretty hard, most of the time I do things with pinky on the ring so this was pretty different. The close grip incline was good too, I went heavier than I have on inclines in quite a while.