Squat Day, Dropped Crazy Routine

Well my crazy squat routine has been dropped, I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I designed that. I had a world level judge(Jeff Butt) watching me squat today to make sure I was getting depth. He said that I definitely got depth on my first rep of a set but that I generally got higher and higher as the set went on…I can live with that as I’m only doing one rep at a comp.
I worked up to a triple at 455 and a double at 495 with belt and knee wraps. I also got a video of the 495 double that I will put up here later(i just need to encode it to divx). Unfortunately it’s from a REALLY cheap HP digicam and the quality sucks pretty bad.
GHR’s for four sets of six came up next, and by next I mean about 10 minutes later. These are definitely getting easier and I think I’ll shoot for four sets of eight next week maybe.
Last was four sets of weighted ab work to ten reps each. Damn my abs are going to be sore tomorrow :(.
EDIT: Video is up on side(Squat 495×2)

6 thoughts on “Squat Day, Dropped Crazy Routine

  1. nice squat stinn. its crazy to think you’ve not even been powerlifting for 1 year.

    keep it up.

    (im hoping to get some vids up myself this week)

  2. Thanks John, I guess I’m rather blessed with a build made for powerlifting. We may take some vids of bench tomorrow.

  3. Nice and fast squatting action. Great to see. Are you going to immortalise your next 500lb deadlift on video?

  4. Hey jamie…oops I mean Jim i think it’s possible 😉

    Thanks Scott, I will definately try and get the deadlift on video. I’m not sure when I plan on going to max on the deadlift again. Now it’s time to focus on benching and try and pull off that last short term goal.

  5. Stinn, how much did you squat/deadlift the very first time you maxed out? Just curious on how much iron you have piled on. Your progress is mind boggling, but don’t let that stop you from squatting 300kg by Christmas. 😉

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