Squat Week 2

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 2×25 w/doubled purple
External Rotation: 2×15 w/mini band
Step Up: 2×8

Squat(52 cent straps down): 2@606.3/275, 639.3/290, 1@665.8/302
Chest Supported Row: 10@145/65.8, 155/70.3, 165/74.8

Squats didn’t feel that great, my low back didn’t full super strong. Spent the rest of the day building stuff for nats.

2 thoughts on “Squat Week 2

  1. Yeah I decided I had to go geared to ensure I won my class and got my spot on the North American team. If I’m feeling good I’ll definitely try 390 and i’ll probably pull at 331 as well.

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