Squats Below Parallel

I’ve never been 100% sure I was going below parallel while squatting so today was the day to be 110% sure. I widened my stance another 4inches and pointed my toes out about 45* to make sure I was hitting low as possible. Man I gotta tell ya it was super hard and super painful, I need to work on the old hip flexability.
Deep Squats
I need some work on form at this depth but at least I know I’m getting low enough now.

Box Squats, Low Box
This is by far the lowest box I’ve squated on and it puts me well below parallel. My hip flexors were already burned from the squats and this wasn’t helping at all.

GHR on Lat Pulldown(weight is assistance)

Standing Calf Raises

It’s apparent I need to work on my really deep strength on squats for a while so I don’t forsee any PR’s for a while but at least I know what I’m doing will be legal.

4 thoughts on “Squats Below Parallel

  1. Do the low box squats low enough long enough and the legal depth ones will be cake. Oh, yeah, how are the GHRs working for you, especially for the squats?

  2. That’s definately true, I need to work on my hip flexability they just kill me when I get low enough.
    I have a hard time pointing to any assistant exercise and saying it definately helped with a lift, the only thing I can say is that squats increase my squats. However I have been getting stronger on GHR’s and my squats been going on, possible it’s a coincidence or not.

  3. Low box squats were tough for me at first, because of the flexibility but also the mechanics of the lift. I use aerobic steps with height adjustment on the sides. Use those and gradually work your way down to lower depths until you have achieved that flexibility. Joe DeFranco even suggests doing a hip flexor stretch (sort of like a deep, upright lunge) before squats, just to put them to sleep first.

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