Squats w/ Wraps Week 4

Warm Up:
5 Minutes walking figure 8s
Behind the head pull apart: 2×20
Pull Apart: 2×20
Standing Abs: 2×20
Glute Med Activation: 2×15
Triangle Lunges: 2×10
Hypers: 2×12

Squats w/wraps: 3@474/215, 496/225, 518.1/235, 540.1/245
Clean High Pulls from Box: 3@264.6/120, 3×3@286.6/130
Lunges: 3×10@99.2/45(haha)

Wow I really didn’t do that much. The knee wraps were done lighter than prescribed. I haven’t had much weight on my back and I didn’t want to push it. However 245 wasn’t easy, I also blame that on not having much weight on my back. Lunges are done light since my left hip is still slowly strengthening.