Squats Week 7

Squat w/belt: 5@370/167.8, 5@380/172.4, 5@390/176.9, 5@400/181.4, 5@410/186
Squat w/wraps+belt: 2@480/217.7, 2@490/222.3, 2@500/226.8, 2@510/231.3
Leg Extensions: 3×10@165/74.8

First week of heavier squatting. By the last set of doubles with wraps I was pretty beat so it was a bit of a grind but not too bad. Other than that set they were quick and easy. The sets of 5s weren’t that bad either but I was glad they weren’t heavier.

2 thoughts on “Squats Week 7

  1. That’s quite a bit of volume, 5×5 then 4×2. Why so much volume 3 weeks out?

  2. My program that I’ve following isn’t set to end at the competition, it’s actually set to end 2 weeks after. From this point out the volume will drop a bit on deadlift and squat, bench won’t change much I’ll just get the shirt on one or two more times and call it good.

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