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After many requests I have now started doing custom training programs. Pricing is $200/4 Weeks and that includes programming as well as daily emails and video review of lifting. For more information or to get started contact me at:

Stinn System

Simply put the Stinn System is the training programs I’ve designed for myself. More so they seem to work for other people as well, hence the desire to share them. They are all percentage based systems designed for either equipped or raw lifting.

The numbered blocks (eg 4 week raw block.xls, 4 week raw block 2.xls) can be ran in any order or repeated over and over again if desired. The blocks labeled peak should be ran leading up to a meet. The blocks labeled reload are designed to run after a meet, or when needing a break from heavy lifting. All blocks are 4 weeks long.

The basic structure of the system is that you squat four days a week, deadlift three days a week and bench three days a week. In this split:
Sunday = Bench; Monday = Light Squat, Deadlift; Tuesday = Heavier Squat, Bench; Wednesday = rest; Thursday = Deadlift; Friday = Light Squat, Bench; Saturday = Heavy Squat, Light Deadlift.
To some this may seem like a lot of lifting but your body will adapt and handle the load. The most important part of the system is to listen to your body, if you feel very beat up and don’t think the percentage that day is possible then lift until you are at your near max that day but stop early if you feel like you will fail a rep. Over the course of twelve weeks of lifting I can usually count on one hand how many reps I’ve failed. On the flip side if the weight is moving really well and feeling light then you can go above the percentage listed, however again follow the important rule of do not fail reps.

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Equipped Blocks

Raw Blocks


If you do not have some equipment, like a Safety Squat Bar(SSB), then you can substitute for front squats, or high bar squats.

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  • SSB = Safety Squat Bar
  • Rest Pause AMAP = Using the prescribed weight do a set for As Many As Possible(AMAP), rest 30 seconds and do another set for AMAP, rest 30 seconds and do a final set for AMAP.
  • RP x2 (-10kg) = The same as above but do a second set after adequate rest with 10kg less(if you are benching less than 100kg then do -5kg for the second set instead of 10)
  • LU = Legs up bench press, leg should be in the air, not on the bench as this adds stability.
  • Sumo = sumo deadlift, however if you are a primary conventional deadlifter than switch this for conventional.
  • Conv = conventional deadlift, however if you are a primary conventional deadlifter then switch this for sumo.
  • Speed + bands = speed bench with resistant bands, sets should be done as fast as possible with less than 1 minute between sets. Use appropriate bands, the bar speed should be fast but this should still be challenging.
  • 6″ Block = deadlifts with the weights resting on a 6″ block. Bar should start just below knees, so adjust the height of the blocks accordingly.
  • 2″ deficit = deadlifts while standing on a 2″ block.
  • Dropsets(-10kg) 3,3,3 = do the first set at prescribed weight then drop 10kg and do another set, continue for the number of sets prescribed.
  • “+2b = continue last bench exercise but add the 2board, most commonly used after doing speed bench with bands then continuing with the bands just adding a 2board. The sets return to normal with normal rest however.
  • “…” = this means to continue at the weight you finished the last exercise at.
  • SQf = squat in full competition gear, this is expected to be a squat suit, knee wraps and belt.
  • SQb = squat with a belt, you may also wear knee sleeves, compression shorts, etc but not knee wraps.
  • SQsd = squat with squat suit on but straps down, also wearing knee wraps and belt.
  • Suit = deadlift with suit on.
  • 3s(or 5s, 6s etc) = Most prescribed weights are anticipated to be a top set, so if it is 5×3 @ 150 then you could do sets like 135, 140, 145, 150, 150, it is is listed as 3s @ 150 then just start where the weight feels good, again it could be 135, 140, 145, 150. Generally aim to do at least 3 sets when “3s” or “5s” is listed, however some days I may start very light or do small jumps meaning I’ll do as many as 6-8 sets.
  • Sumo 2″ Pause = Pause the weight just after it has left the ground(aim for 2″ above the ground), hold there for a full 1 count then finish the rep as normal.

If you have questions beyond what is here then please feel free to email me at

13 thoughts on “Stinn System

  1. Wow! This is an education for me! I have never done most of these things. Many of them, I have to Google to find out what they are. Stuff like speed bench, I have only done as a warm-up, not a work set. I have never done a legs-up bench. Ever.
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to try your 4 week raw block, except that I’m going to fold it into a 5-day sequence(I never train on weekends, unless I’m deployed).
    I’ll let you know 09 May if I survived. Thanks for sharing your programs.

  2. Terrific ressource !!! I’m wondering: if I wanted to run your system Monday to Saturday (Sunday off), should I start my “training week” at Thursday on the template?

    Thanks again for providing such a terrific ressource.

    • Hey Joel
      Two options, you could swing it around and put Thursday on Monday or make Thursday Wednesday and have Sunday off after the heavy squat on Saturday.
      I’ve done the second option a few times when I needed a weekend day off and most of the time I felt fine, when I’m closer to a meet I find I sometimes need that day off before heavy deadlifts.

      • Awesome !!! Thanks so much. I will be running this (probably the second suggestion you made) in July-August for sure. I’m a teacher so I get summers off. Lucky me. My next meet isn’t until October. I’ll keep following along. Thanks again.


  3. Just wanted to give an update – I survived the first 4-week block, and felt great. I did a test day with 2 other guys, and totalled higher than I did at Nats. I don’t feel stronger, but I feel much more confident in my lifts. My workouts are longer than usual, and I am burning a ton of calories. I eat and drink whatever I want and my weight is hovering about 4-5 pounds less than usual. I’m staying much leaner than I usually do between competitions. I have been training mostly sumo, but haven’t tried to go over 400 Lbs yet. Maybe next test day in 2 weeks. Will update again after the second block is complete.

    • Hey Gary thanks for the feedback. I’m glad it sounds like it’s working for you and that you are stronger without even running a peaking block. Good luck with the next block.

    • Second Update – I finished the second raw block about a month ago, with no problems. Again, I didn’t feel any stronger, but my lifts were all solid and confidant. I started the peak block, but got interrupted by temporary duty in BC, where I didn’t train fo 9 days. I restarted the peak block this week and it all feels good, although I did fail a couple of lifts today, one for form and two others because of bench setup. I will finish this block the week before the Ottawa Open, so that should be a good test. My weight was stable until the TD, where I gained 6 pounds. Stupid beer and wings!

  4. Update #3. I just finished Peak Week. I have never felt so well-prepared for a meet. Then again, I have never worked this hard, either! I set my openers this morning – unless something changes during warmup, I plan to open 8 Kg under my highest total. All the openers are solid and well within my ability. I will let you know how it goes on Saturday. Thanks again, Ryan.

      • Lifting went well, but I was called on depth on my first two squats. Got the third at 155, but I left some on the platform. Upped the Ontario bench record to 125, but can’t claim the Nat record. Gave 130 a ride, but hung up at the 3/4 mark. My butt stayed planted, though! I know I can bench more. Did my firt sumo deadlift meet – 195 was easy, but struggled and lost to 205 for my second. Took off the belt and got it for the third. I was pretty well maxed at that weight. I’m goin to redo the Peak block, then take two weeks’ vacation. When I get back, I’ll reset my numbers and start at the beginning. I feel like the program worked pretty well. I’m well-satisfied with the results. I’m lean and feel really good, two days after the meet. Congrats to you and Rhaea on your results at North Americans!

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