Weightlifting Week 5

Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 3×20 w/ doubled purple
External Rotations: 3×10 w/ mini band
Upright Rows: 3×15 w/ monster mini
Pull Through: 3×15 w/ mini band
Leg Raises: 3×12

Snatch from Box(12″): 2@132.3/60, 2@154.3/70, 2@165.3/75, 2@176.4/80, (failed)2@187.4/85, 2@187.4/85
Snatch Grip High Pull from Box: 2@198.4/90, 2@209.4/95, 2@220.5/100, 2×2@231.5/105
First Pull: 4×5@231.5/105
Jumping Good Morning: 4@154.3/70, 4@220.5/100, 4@242.5/110
Standing Abs: 60, 40 w/ doubled purple band
GHRs: 3×5 w/ 35.3/16 kb held on chest
Side Bends: 3×15(each side)@70.5/32

Really good workout, I love that I missed both reps on my first set of 187.4/85 then came back and hit them both. The jumping good mornings didn’t feel that great on my knees, I wasn’t landing well and absorbing the force.